Our Homestead

Welcome to Centrewood Estate, one of South Canterbury’s most beautiful historic homesteads. The homestead dates back to 1890 and was built by Johnny’s great great grandfather Alpheus Hayes. Johnny and Jo Sutherland are the 5th generation to live at Centrewood. The homestead which has a distinctly French decorative style and is stylishly refurbished with a mix of old and contemporary furniture.


Kilns were constructed near the building site to fire the 250,000 bricks needed to make the exterior triple brick and interior double brick walls of the house.

While the building was in progress work began on creating the garden which Johnny’s great great grandfather Alpheus Hayes had promised his new bride Anna.  The lake was dug by hand and trees planted including elm, ash, copper beech and oak. Today they form a majestic back drop for the historic grounds.

A  beautiful garden was planned with several different vistas to be viewed from the verandahs, as well as winding paths and a shrubbery under the douglas fir. Rare breeds of Rhododendrons, azaleas, camellias, maples, roses and magnolias were planted and continue to flower in a riot of colour.

Our Rooms

The Hayes suite has a  Super King sized bed with an ensuite bathroom. The room is located at the front of the house with spectacular views of the garden and a large open fire for your relaxation.

Our Kitchen

Centrewood is all about homemade, local, simple and honest beautiful food served in a setting where people come together to spend precious time away from their daily routine and busy life. Our menu and servings change with the season and over the week.  


We have a beautiful 18 hole course golf course 5 minutes drive away along with stunning bush walks, mountain biking, hunting and fishing and are only 30 minutes from Timaru and Oamaru and 60 minutes from the lakes.