Centrewood Estate

Jo Sutherland has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the event world.

Her creative talents stem from an arts and fashion background in London. Since then she has designed lingerie for the Burton Group,  organised corporate team building events in Queenstown, designed imaginative themed dinners,   Christmas parades, fêtes and music festivals.

Jo's creative ideas, understanding of service and event management are why people repeatedly choose Centrewood Estate for their special occasions.

Jo's passion for nourishing food, fashion and old traditions has lead her to her latest venture of specialist workshops.

Centrewood Estate's History

On 22nd March 1871, Alpheus Hayes was on the Greenock docks in Glasgow about to embark on his return voyage to his home country, Nova Scotia, Canada, when he noticed a passenger boat called the "Wild Deer".

The boat was due to depart and destined for the distant shores of New Zealand. On the spur of the moment Alpheus tossed a coin, which resulted in him taking a 3-month voyage to New Zealand.

During the voyage, Alpheus met and fell in love with his future wife Anna Groves.

He promised that one day he would build her a beautiful house with an extensive garden - and Centrewood is the result of that promise.

Now in the 5th generation, the legacy of Alpheus Hayes and his promise, lives on.